Director/HODs want to make Ops decisions.

Ops decisions:

  1. Allotment of funds to various projects/ labs/ departments/ groups/ cultural fest
  2. See hiring process> Manage hiring, float position availability, pay guest prof., accept/ reject applications, new application management, resume shortlisting
  3. Collaboration with other departments/ universities on projects. > Check/ manage projects, send invites to collab, accept/ reject invites
  4. College students’ fund allotment> TA ship, RA projects, groups/ clubs, funds management

Needs: Web Application> Intuitive experience, Usable, Fast.

Director/ HOD day to day work

Computer handling done by their TA/ assistant mostly.

User Group> Higher up stakeholders, Their assistants, Finance department/ other officials

What is their day to day work?

Work with softwares / management tools.

Expectations from management tools.

Supporting Research

Need to find work done by the director/ HOD of a university in an academic year. Also in a day.

Supporting links: educational process and policies,staffs and other college resources.

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