Purpose - Interface Design (UI) Assignment

Duration - 3 weeks sprint

Tools - Pen & paper, Notion, Figma, Google Forms, Photoshop


Netflix Theatre is a feature proposal in the Netflix mobile application through which a group of like minded individuals can stream a movie/series together while being connected through voice chat and text message.

The project is a product design user experience case study done as part of the Interface Design (UI) subject. It has been researched within the span of three weeks. This is a documentation with first person explanation.

Problem Statement

"Don’t we all enjoy going to the cinema with our friends? Isn't it tough, given the current pandemic situation? A lot of new films end up on a streaming site, and there are so many binge-worthy shows coming out every day these days. But nothing like watching them with friends isn’t it? How would you build an experience where you can watch the online streaming content with your friends virtually? Please presume that these users who use the app are already paying customers and skip the onboarding process."

Build an experience where you can watch online streaming content with your friends virtually

Platform - Mobile Application (Android/iOS)

Project Plan

Before going on with the project, as it was a sprint with time limit and I had to work faster and smarter to finish on time, I decided to plan out the entire project as part of the Whiteboard Brainstorming Challenge. Here I have de-constructed the project timeline with what I planned to do for the research and design development.


Target Audience

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